About TRUSALUS & TRUnutrition.

Jeffrey Johnson, D.C.
NutraGEN Co-Founder

Our Purpose
For over 20 years, Dr. Johnson has worked with Professional, Olympic, Collegiate, Youth and Recreational Athletes of all ages to eliminate pain and improve performance. Through research and testing he has found the vast majority of athletes fall short of their performance and longevity goals due to inadequacies in self-care. Over 90% of his clients initially report significant levels of malnourishment, sleep deprivation and dehydration regardless of their age or educational level. The sole purpose of this platform is to address the lifestyle factors that limit any athlete’s potential for attaining peak performance and longevity by addressing their specific deficiencies in nutrition, recovery and hydration practices.

Our Programs
Dr. Johnson has created the Trusalus Performance Nutrition and Pure 28 Day Cleanse Programs to provide an easy to follow roadmap for addressing the most common whole food deficiencies and eating habits that create inflammation, blood sugar instability and toxicity in the human body. All of which are performance killers and primary causes of the symptoms and diseases of chronic inflammation that plague our society.

Our Products
NutraGEN products provide a simple, convenient, delicious way to supplement your whole food diet for Peak Performance. All formulas are of the highest purity and potency “from soil to seal”. Ingredients are selected by considering the region in which they are grown, the climate and environment, the harvesting, drying and extraction processes. Each formula is created and tested in-house at our laboratory by highly trained Healthcare Practitioners and are manufactured following stringent Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All products are carefully packaged in non-toxic, eco-friendly, recyclable or biodegradable containers to ensure quality, freshness, sustainability and bioavailability.

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